Indoor Air Quality

The issue of indoor air quality is of increasing concern for businesses.  Living plants are proven to remove airborne toxins emitted by many of the synthetic materials typically found in office environments.

"At the University of Technology Sydney, researchers have produced positive results that show that indoor plants make a big impact on indoor air quality. So what do they do? In essence the plant system - leaves, roots and potting media - take Volatile Organic Compounds from the air such as benzene and formaldehyde released by furnishings, carpets, photocopiers, printers and many modern building materials. They also contribute oxygen back into the environment."

Please click on the link to see the latest research from The University of Sydney

Whether staff, customers, suppliers or visitors, when people feel better they work better both individually and collectively and the ability of real plants to improve the quality of air in the office, showroom or public areas will create a healthier, pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.






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